First-timer in RubyConf

Hello everyone, not is news to community Ruby that the big event the country started, yes my friends is a RubyConf Brazil :)

logo_rubyconf-3db1f19c6aaa51b5c3399b2d126c0eb8992225b893c6621fc21492ae2e930cf5I went already in lot of events i don’t want create any religious fight, however the RubyConf and is it is a of best events that more me surprised.

I go list any points interesting about the event:

  • Price
  • Organization
  • Infrastructure
  • Talks
  • Community


Us firsts month the value was the R$:200,00, for the magnitude of event the value arrives to be funny, remembering that value could be installments, i used the installment :)


This was the major point of the event, the accreditation extremely  fast is automated.

To get age,  necessary  was show you personal document is clicking in  only button print only button print, i went already in lot of events that always generate big queues  , in RubyConf I have not face this kind of problem, i was even scared.


The schedules were made, something that i go  crazy when they do not meet the schedules established in the event and in the lectures, to my joy all the talks I attended just at the right time, everything was really well organized.



RubyConf is being held in The FecomercioSP (Trade Federation of São Paulo), which has an excellent structure and location in the image below we can see that we have several stations near the event.



The grid of the event and spectacular, has several issues from MRuby to development to aircraft using Ruby.

What I enjoyed most was the possibility that you use the simultaneous translation, one more point to RubyConf;


The Ruby community and known for its openness does not make Networking if you do not want and also and a great place to meet people and do business, something interesting event and the large number of startups.

Several workshops, and excellent lecture you have the possibility to realize a course of interest.



Good staff this was my summary of the first day of the event, if it happens tomorrow something i will create new post :)